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TMS-2000 presents powerful visual information on real time or historical gas temperatures for temperature distribution within a furnace or combustion process. Spatial temperature distribution profiles, individual path temperatures, temperature trends, and average gas temperatures within user-defined areas are all quickly and easily available.


TMS-2000, like all of our software is menu driven for ease of use. In addition, it has soft key buttons to quickly move between screens, or to open and close screens. TMS-2000 automatically adjusts the screens to fit each screen side by side to fill the window you determine.

Software TMS 2OOO

TMS-2000 provides an accurate and clear picture of this temperature distribution profile... in real time.


The Isothermal Map Screen presents spatial temperature information as a series of isothermal lines and is color-coded. In addition, a digital readout of the temperature at any point on the map is obtained by simply moving the mouse cursor over the map display.


In History mode, TMS-2000 will give you the option to recall data from an earlier time.

TMS-2000 can compute and display the average gas temperature within user-defined areas (or zones) of the mapping plane. Up to twenty-four (24) zones within the plane may be defined by the user.


The system will then calculate and graphically display the average temperature within each of these zones. The Area Plot windows could be circular and rectangular. Area plots are especially useful for plant control systems such as a DCS.


TMS-2000 calculates and displays statistical data for Areas in the Statistics window.

The following statistical data may be displayed: Mean Temperature, Standard Deviation, Rate of Change, Minimum Temperature, Maximum Temperature, Threshold Temperature and the Time Over Temperature.

Statistics may be displayed for the current day or any previous day with a user selectable statistical period of one hour up to twenty-four (24) hours.


The path screen displays the locations of the Model 3020TR acoustic transceivers around the perimeter of the mapping plane and all of the available paths in the mapping array.

Detailed information on any path, such as transmit and receiver port numbers, path length, and other settings are available at the Tools Menu.up to twenty-four (24) hours.


TMS-2000 can display up to four individual path temperatures in the Individual Paths window.

This window may be used to display paths that are not associated with an isothermal map.

For example, if 20 paths are defined as making up a furnace exit gas mapping plane, four additional paths could be defined and displayed as individual paths in the Super-Heater and Economizer sections of a boiler.


Path temperature graphs show up to 8 Areas and/or path temperature values. Both minimum and maximum temperature scale values may be selected for optimum resolution of the trace display.

Time periods may be selected from the previous 24 hour periods up to 365 days. Each pen is color coded, any pen may be assigned to the first 8 paths and/or areas.

It is also possible to zoom-in, and the Time and Temperature are displayed by moving the mouse over the graph.

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The TMS-2000 presents a system for the detection of noise in the combustion zone of the furnace or boiler.


The microphone that is located in the waveguide can hear the normal noise of the boiler / furnace continuously and displays a graphical trend for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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